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Visitor Guidelines

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  1. At NHS Hospitals, we care about the patient’s health the most. Visitors are most welcomed to help a patient get through the recovery process. Must a clear set of guidelines must be followed to not cause any inconvenience for any patient at the hospital
  2. As a visitor one must collect a visiting badge from the admission desk at the hospital. This badge differs from other general visitors. The badges must be returned to the admission desk when their visit at the hospital is over.
  3. Visitors with any health issues like cold, cough, etc. are requested to not meet the patient as it might risk their health condition.
  4. Visitors are not allowed to carry and food or flowers to the patient’s ward or ICU as there might be limited space. Items like pictures and cards can be accommodated.
  5. The hospital and the care units are very critical places hence we request all visitors to follow all guidelines. Silence must be maintained at all times and privacy rules must also be followed. Make sure to not disturb any doctors or patients during the visit.
  6. Visitors must also be careful with their belongings during the visit.
  7. Children below 12 years of age are not allowed inside the patient rooms.
  8. Any visit must be informed beforehand so that the possibility is checked and the patient is prepared.
  9. Executives at the hospital can interrupt any visit at any time, if it creates an issue with the patient’s care.
  10. Visitors also must maintain a safe distance from the patient as well as the attached equipment. Touching any kinds of hospital equipment related to the patient is prohibited as it may risk the patient’s condition.
  11. Only the public washrooms must be used by the visitors and not any of the patient’s washrooms.
  12. Smoking and drinking alcohol of any kind is prohibited inside the hospital premises.
Visiting Hours
  1. Morning visiting hours are between 8am-9am. And the evening visiting hours are between 5pm-7pm.
  2. For ICU units: Morning visiting hours are between 10am-11am. The evening visiting hours are 4pm-5pm.